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"My kids love Dr Beaber and his friendly staff. My son (13) and daughter (10) both look forward to visiting. Dr Beaber is providing great care to my family - I strongly recommend him for orthodontic care."

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About Beaber Family Orthodontics

Beaber Family Orthodontics Beaber Family Orthodontics Beaber Family Orthodontics Beaber Family Orthodontics Beaber Family Orthodontics

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide you with a smile that will last a lifetime.”

We are a family centered orthodontic practice. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care at an affordable price. We focus on a proactive approach to modify orthopedic growth on growing children when possible. Additionally, we feel each person deserves excellence and the total facial harmony concept: esthetics, function and stability. Our strengths as a practice are predicated on individualized attention to meet you or your family’s needs and desires in a friendly, fast paced, fun filled environment. Professionally, we strive for efficiency and proficiency. The BFO company motto: We are here to help people through service and gratitude.

About Beaber Family Orthodontics

At Beaber Family Orthodontics, our philosophy of treatment is to provide customized orthodontic care for you or your child’s needs. Why NON Extraction is so important… When I worked as a General Dentist, I was asked to treat a portion of our Air Force service member population suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder sometimes called TMJ. It was alarming to find the greatest number of sufferers had a history of 2 or 4 premolar extraction with braces for space closure; nearly 80% of sufferers. When I asked my TMJ mentors if they experienced similar findings, they concurred. However, nothing like that had been published. I asked, “What can be done to stop this from happening?” The answer: You need to become an orthodontist and focus on changing growth in the jaws to reduce this from happening.

Luckily, a couple years later, I was selected to attend the Air Force residency at Wilford Hall in San Antonio. Imagine my dismay when I discovered the standard of care for nearly 85% of patients was to extract 2 or 4 premolars in combination with braces. Two years later, the effects of this procedure still concerned me as I knew the path a lot of these patients would go down over the next 10, 20 or 30 years. I asked my mentors if we could treat more patients with non-extraction techniques to which they responded: No (with various reasons why).

As luck would have it, about a week later, I was invited into an orthodontist’s office who touted non-extraction techniques on over 95% of his patients. Eureka! I listened to his engineering background (like mine) and philosophy and pure passion for helping people. He encouraged me to seek out other orthodontists and see the way they practice before establishing my own opinions, methodologies and philosophies.

Over the next 2 years, I visited nearly 50 orthodontic offices. Here is what I found: the 4 best all were trained as engineers (Mechanical or Chemical), all were using bonded expanders and all were using the Damon system of braces. When it came time to leave the Air Force (which by the way was an awesome way to gain familiarity and exposure to the more than 20 different systems of orthodontics available) I decided to model my practice after these 4 great leaders and role models.

My opinions and philosophies have been proven by more than 4000 patients I have successfully treated with the following amazing statistic: Over 95% of growing patients have been treated without premolar extraction and more than 85% of adults have been treated non-extraction, non-surgical. It is my firm belief we have established the gold standard of care for other orthodontists to follow. Please take some time to view our gallery of pictures to see for yourself the artistry and the engineering of beautifully crafted smiles by Dr. William Beaber and his amazing team.

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Our Happy Customers

"Doctor Beaber is a wonderful orthodontist. He is currently treating both my elementary school aged children and we couldn't be happier. He has a kind and giving man. His staff always greets you like you are one of the family. Not only do they greet you but the remember your name and little things about you. It makes me feel so special. He completed my adult ortho and I couldn't be happier! I highly recommend Beaber orthodontics."

Shahnaz S. Shahnaz S.

"Dr Beaber is a phenomenal orthodontist! Not only is this practice amazing at what they do, they are very compassionate and professional. My son had an accident with his teeth on a weekend and Dr Beaber was so kind and helpful when I called him after hours. He was a huge help in helping save my son's front teeth. I recommend this office to everyone I know!"

Tiffany M. Tiffany M.

"Love this office! Dr Beaber is always fun to talk to when I come in with one of my 4 kids I have had in treatment there. He explains what my kids need and why in a way they can understand (I already understand as I have worked in orthodontics and dentistry for many years), so they are comfortable and want to get the treatment. I have been so happy with the treatment my kids have received here and recommend them to anyone and everyone!!"

Sheri L. Sheri L.
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